Strategic Online Blackjack

Strategic Online Blackjack

”Strategic Blackjack” – those words are often enough to send casual blackjack players running for the slot machines, but blackjack strategy doesn’t have to mean hours at the tables developing a super-complex statistical brain. In fact, ‘basic blackjack strategy’ is simply the art of applying the game’s logical statistics – meaning if you’re not using them, you are selling yourself short. Check out the 4 basic blackjack strategy tips below, and never game without them.

Fundamentally – the blackjack moves you make should be based on the initial card dealer to yourself and specifically the dealer. Check the dealer’s card and implement the following moves based on what you see:

  1. Check the dealer’s card for a 7>; if it’s a ‘yes’ – hit for more cards until your combo has a value of 17>, or alternatively a ‘soft 18’ (in other words an Ace counted as an 11).
  2. The casino’s face-up card is 6<, then hit for a score of 12 or over – then stand.
  3. Nothing can beat a successful blackjack double down for satisfying rewards; if your initial 2 card draw is 10 or 11, and the dealer holds 9<, then click double down.
  4. Splitting can be fun and rewarding – but only if you use it wisely; it’s highly advisable to split all aces and 8’s. In contrast, refrain from splitting other card pairs.

If you surf around – you’ll find more simple blackjack strategy moves to help to minimise the natural blackjack house advantage!

Implementing simple card counting?

The natural progression from playing blackjack with a basic strategy, is to think about trying to card count. Now – we’re not talking about hardcore pro level card counting, which is a truly complex and highly rewarding art (and as such – you need pro level dedication, skill and bank roll!). Instead – we’re talking about basic card counting principles that casual gamers can quickly start using. Essentially, the cards in the pack are either low (2 – 5) or high (10’s, queens, kings, jacks). In a classic 6 deck game, a ratio of 6> low:high dealt cards indicates a ‘player advantage’, and vice versa. Check out how you can use this to boost you blackjack results (we’ve used an example of a player 16 hand, against a house 10):

Basic blackjack strategy, advises> ‘Hit’

Card counting, advises> ‘Stand’ if there is a gamer advantage

By setting the goal of gradually adding increasing levels of complexity to your blackjack gaming – you’ll quickly and effortlessly become a much better player.