Video Slots

Video SlotsGone are the days when slot machines where simple one-armed bandits with three reels. These days it is all about the flashing lights, big sound and even bigger payouts. Some video slots appear to be just like the slot machines of days gone by, but look a little closer and you may just be surprised at the extra twists now included. There are so many variations it would be hard to list them all but basically the main extras you can find on a modern video slot are listed below.

The Wildcard

The phrase itself is taken from old card games where a certain card would be selected each hand to act as a wildcard; this card could be substituted for any other card value with no penalty. In video slots, the wildcard plays the same role and can stand in for any other symbol on the reel. It differs from machine to machine but some will have wildcards on only one reel, others will have a wildcard on every reel. In effect, you have multiple chances of winning on a video slot that has a wildcard as you do not have to get all your symbols perfectly matched.

Multiple Play Lines

No longer is your win line a simple left to right along the middle affair. More often than not, you have a choice of playing multiple lines at a price per line. The amount of win lines and reels varies but some machines have up to fifty you can play at once. The more lines you select to play the higher the stakes, but in turn the higher your chances of winning. Some people swear that the only way to play a video slot machine is to play your maximum bet and your maximum lines, but at the end of the day it is up to you to decide what works for you.

Bonus Games

Certain video slots have a symbol that activates free bonus games. You will usually need to get three or more of these symbols to qualify for your three games, but again it varies from machine to machine. The beauty of this kind of bonus is that usually you can have the three winning symbols appear anywhere to qualify so there is no need to line up all three perfectly. Therefore, once you have all three symbols your next fifteen, twenty or twenty-five games will be free. Certain machines even go so far as to multiply any winnings you make in you free games by a preset amount allowing you to win even more.

Combination Wins

As you can imagine, if you find a machine that combines all three of the above bonus types you could be onto a winner. The only rule to look out for is that wildcards will not normally substitute for bonus game symbols but sometimes act a multiplier as well. Take the time to learn about any video slots that you wish to play, in the end it only makes it even more exciting when you do win.